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Q: What are all the available APIs that WindowsMediaStats provide?

A: Simply hit http://sever:7070/ to retrieve the list of supported APIs available.

  • http://server:7070/full
  • http://server:7070/server
  • http://server:7070/server/detailed
  • http://server:7070/publishingpoints
  • http://server:7070/publishingpoints/detailed

Q: I just installed WindowsMediaStats and I'm getting an HTTP 404 response, can you help?

A: Er, did you remember to get an evaluation license in the download page?

Q: What is the default port number that WindowsMediaStats listen to, and how do I change it?

A: The default port number is 7070. To change it, simply modify the file WindowsMediaStats.exe.config and restart the service.

Q: Where do I see the logs for WindowsMediaStats?

A: Logs are stored as events in the Event Viewer (Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer).

Q: What is the software requirements needed by WindowsMediaStats?

A: WindowsMediaStats needs both Framework version 2.0.50727 and 3.5. Note that version 3.0 and 3.5 are just "incremental" updates to 2.0.

Q: What are the licensing requirement for WindowsMediaStats?

A: A license is required for each Windows Media server host.

Q: Where do I install WindowsMediaStats?

A: WindowsMediaStats needs to be installed on the Windows Media server host directly.


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  • Windows Media Server Version
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